The Teen Spirit

The 411

Need something explained, this is the place to go.

The Films

What kind of films will be reviewed here? Read our definition of a teen film and a chick flick and all will be clear.

The Name

Why is this site called ""?

Even though we deal in both the fluffy teen films and the more heavy stuff, we decided our name should recflect our youthful nature, hence the "spirit"-part of the name. Since almost all urls containing "teen" and "films" are reserved by porn sites, we stuck with just "teen" and "spirit".

The Random Quote

The Random Quote is just what it says... A random quote from a teen film or chick flick.

"Where are the quotes from?" you ask. Well that's the thing, we kind of want you to figure that our for yourself. However, if you get really desperate, you can check out the various quotes here: The Quotes Page.

The Reviews

Each review contains the following:

Film information
Year, country of origin, running time, director and brief cast list. Want anything more, you can go to
Four relevant images from the film
The films are rated in teddy bears on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • 10 - Masterpiece! Flawless
  • 8 - Great film
  • 6 - Good solid film
  • 4 - Bad film
  • 2 - Total waste of time
Category and keywords
To help you figure out which films are for you, we've split the films up into 9 categories and supplied you with some choice keywords to describe the content of the film.
Did you know that...
A stupid trivia or little know fact about the film.
Amazon Link
For your convenience we provide a link to the DVD of the film. If you use this link when you purchase the film you also help us a little bit, which we would really appreciate.